Flower Care 101

Here are some tips that'll allow your blooms to last longer in your homes!

For fresh flowers:

1. Pick a vessel of your choice and fill it with water. Pour in the attached flower food (~500ml:1 pack).

2. Remove flowers from the wrapping and place them into your vase.

3. If possible, trim the ends of the stems daily at an angle. If any of the flowers are withering, pick them out.

4. Change the water everyday. If you use the flower food, you can change it every 2-3 days.

5. Keep your blooms in a nice, cool environment away from direct sunlight and any fruit. 


For dried flowers- these are good to last for at least half a year (and easily longer!) in an ideal environment:

1. Keep them out of direct sunlight (away from the window pane).

2. Avoid humid conditions, somewhere nice and cool would be great! 


Enjoy! ☺