Flower Folks x Project Green Ribbon

Hello folks! Together with Project Green Ribbon, we've come up with a series of designs that will be up for sale from 1-14 November, with limited bunches available daily! Our profits from this drive will go toward supporting Project Green Ribbon in their fight against mental health stigmas, as well as programs that aim to empower and educate individuals on the importance of mental resilience (read up more on the work they do here: www.projectgreenribbon.org)!

Here's what you can look forward to receiving:

  • Our flowers (of course!)
  • A thank-you note from the co-founder of Project Green Ribbon


Preorder starts from 25 October, what are you waiting for!


Thank YOU for joining us to be a part of this campaign- we hope that our flowers serve to brighten up someone's day, and beyond that, remind us all that our mental health matters!